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Door Hangers

We can distribute your advertising to houses, apartments, businesses, and to specific addresses. Your product can be distributed to the porch, door hangers or driveways.California Delivery is currently distributing over 154,000 magazines to specific addresses a month.  You can target your advertising by demographics including age, sex, marital status, ethnic background, occupation, religion, household income, household size and other factual information. Targeting your market with our hands-on delivery means your advertising will reach your intended audience - guaranteed.

What is Door to Door Door Hangers Delivery and why would it help me?

  • Bags and hand delivers 5,000 pre-printed flyers per area featuring your business.
  • You choose the area and month that works best for your business. See our calendar for schedules.
  • Economical cost of 4-5 cents per flyer hand delivered. Ask how to get Discounted Rates!

Great for event marketing & event promotions, peer-to-peer, w-o-m, buzz and youth marketing.

  • Postcard Distributions
  • Flyer Distributions
  • Premiums & Collateral
  • Street Team Distributions
  • Public and Hand-to-Hand
  • Retail Blasts in any city


Our Services

  • Newspapers
  • Door Hangers
  • Flyers, Magazines
  • Phone Books.
  • Single Copy
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