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Single Copies

For your free copies in rack we are using the latest technology, handheld bar code reader. These handheld devices are use by our drivers when delivering your publication. Each box is bar coded and scanned by our driver. This system helps us track its location, the type of model in use, etc. It also records quantities returned tracking the time each box is served.

This return information is available to our clients on a Web site. We will provide you with a login to access that data. As a result, our client can test various strategies to improve their publication.

California Delivery is currently serving 1,200 boxes everyday with a total over 7,000 different locations a month. Each rack is bar-coded. This system also allows the drivers to report problems so they can be dispatched for repair.

Our Services

  • Newspapers
  • Door Hangers
  • Flyers, Magazines
  • Phone Books.
  • Single Copy
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